Experienced Advice For Corporate Governance Matters

Corporations and their boards of directors, whether operating in the private or public sector, benefit from having access to an experienced advisor when dealing with corporate governance matters.

In addition to matters of legal compliance and proper administration, Patry Law helps boards and organizations understand which governance best practices to adopt in the areas of:

  • Board and committee structures, mandates or charters
  • Board self-assessments
  • Succession planning for CEOs, senior management and directors
  • Compensation and professional development structures
  • Monitoring of corporate performance
  • Corporate risk profiles and risk management frameworks
  • Ethics and conflicts of interest management

Patry Law can advise your board on current corporate governance practices and help improve or update your corporate governance practices.


  • Corporate secretary services which include attending meetings, preparing minutes, organizing and maintaining corporate records and advising on board duties.
  • Governance document review and development:  bylaws, mandates, charters, terms of reference, codes of business conduct and ethics, disclosure policies and other Board policies, Board and committee chair position descriptions to ensure compliance with applicable corporate and securities laws (for listed companies) or other legal requirements, administrative rules and governance best practices.
  • Board evaluations, including development of questionnaires (based on industry best practices and board objectives), collection of results, discussion of results with the chairperson or other lead director and delivery of a report with findings and recommendations.
  • Board succession planning, development of board and director profiles and competency matrices to identify competencies required on the board and assistance with recruitment and training requirements for individual members.
  • Compliance assessments to determine whether the organization and/or the Board is complying with applicable legal, governance and policy frameworks.
  • Online board portal evaluation, selection and set-up assistance.

Build your corporate governance structure with confidence, knowing that Patry Law has the experience you need to establish high standards of integrity and clarity of roles and responsibilities.

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