On-Call Legal Services With Flexible Billing

Organizations benefit from having a business lawyer on call who knows their business intimately and can answer questions quickly. That’s what virtual counsel services offer and much more. Even better for the client is that virtual counsel services are normally provided under a billing structure that makes sense for the business, rather than the “power by the hour” approach favoured by big law.

Make better business decisions and navigate legal issues while ensuring you get value for the money you spend on your legal providers.


  • Frontline legal support on all areas of business law
  • Strategic business agreements
  • Technology and website agreements
  • Commercial contracting (sales, leasing, purchase)
  • Intellectual property protection and licensing, end-user license agreements
  • Procurement
  • Employment matters
  • Regulatory matters
  • Dispute and litigation management
  • Administrative law
  • Access to information and privacy laws
  • Corporate governance
  • Business policies and procedures
  • Legal department management advice (e.g. strategic sourcing of legal services, negotiating outside counsel retainers, hiring corporate counsel)

Learn more about why corporations should use virtual corporate counsel. Patry Law provides professional, credible virtual legal services you can count on to meet your needs without worrying about your budget.

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