Navigate Public And Private Sector Procurement With Confidence

Buyers and sellers who aren’t informed of their legal rights and obligations when participating in a procurement process run the risk of investing a lot of resources in the process and getting nothing in return.

A seller may lose a contract due to a simple oversight or the use of vague language in a proposal. A buyer risks having to award a contract to the wrong vendor or potentially face a legal claim for not doing so if the solicitation is not properly structured.

Patry Law can help you navigate public and private sector procurement with greater confidence.


If you are a seller, Patry Law can:

  • Guide you through the bidding process.
  • Review your proposal prior to submission for compliance and completeness to optimize chances of success as well as minimize your chances of being rejected.
  • Review the tender documents and advise on any legal issues or areas of ambiguity that should be clarified or that could give cause for a challenge.
  • Assist with challenges to a procurement process (e.g., prepare you for, or attend, bidder debriefing meetings, file a CITT complaint, pursue a court challenge or work through other government agencies to resolve disputes).

If you are a buyer, Patry Law can:

  • Determine an appropriate procurement strategy in the context of the buyer’s legal and policy framework and business requirements (RFP, RFSO, ACAN, etc.).
  • Structure and review procurement documents, including the RFP and all of its components to ensure they are consistent and unambiguous, mitigate legal risks and are appropriate for the requirement.
  • Provide legal opinions in the event of challenges or questions posed by the bidder community.
  • Provide fairness or process advisory services.

Don’t let the complexity of procurement practices create stress. You can trust Patry Law to provide experienced, practical advice every step of the way.

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